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Performance & Communication Coaching
For individuals and teams who are serious about change

What separates the majority that are good from the few that are outstanding? I believe it’s three things that you will struggle to get from any book, video, podcast or even group training session…**

  • Being seriously challenged

  • Being accurately measured

  • Being made accountable

**To be clear I'm a massive fan of self-development through books, video, podcasts and some training.


My coaching and mentoring is 100% tailored to each of my clients’ jobs, careers or business. The individuals or teams I work with all have different strengths and weaknesses but more importantly, they all have individual goals and objectives.


Together we agree on a coaching program that gives them the best results possible in the fastest time.

It’s the same reason why no top sporting professional makes it to the top without a coach and making sure these three things become part of their everyday life.


You may have experienced coaching before, or maybe you are completely new to the entire process. Either way, rip up the rule book and think again. Working with me will change your perspective on what can be achieved through coaching. It’s about putting you firmly in the driving seat and equipping you with all the tools you need to succeed.

I will listen to detail, question almost everything, say it as it is and challenge the norm. Every stage will be constructive and everything I do will support you on your journey.

This is not an off-the-shelf coaching programme.

It will be 100% tailored to you – which means it quickly delivers long-lasting results.

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“Jason is one of those 'stand out' kind of people. He's massively driven and always delivers. He is brutally honest and transparent in the way he deals with people which builds success for his clients. On top of that he's just super good to be around; positive, sees opportunity and full of passion”

Alistair Bryan - Managing Director, Bray Leino

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